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Hall Farm Potatoes

Our Suffolk potatoes are available in bulk purchase or packaged in our branded 25kg bags so you know it is a name you can trust. The farm is strategically located 180ft above sea level, the fertile sandy clay loams is perfect for traditionally grown, superb quality assured potatoes.

Here at Hall Farm, we grow four different types of potatoes:

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Potatoes avaliable in 25kg bags Onions avaliable in 12.5kg bags


A chipping potato, one of the best known varieties on sale and very popular in supermarkets. Suitable for jacket potatoes, boiling, roasting and mashing, it is also a great favourite with fish and chip shops because it is so reliable. Available from the end of July.


Marfona has an almost buttery flavour and a smooth waxy texture making it a very popular variety for baking. Also suitable for boiling and potato wedges. We can supply bakers from mid-July onwards, right through the season.


The industry standard potato, available from September. It is regarded as being versatile and is especially suited for dishes where a firm cooked potato texture is required, as in salads or some soups. Estima is also sold as a baking potato and has a mild taste that complements other flavours. Can also be used for mashing and potato wedges.


A new variety across the industry and at Hall Farm. Similar to Estima potatoes, but with various different growing aspects and a good resistance to virus. While it is relatively new, it is a potato that the industry is keen to take forward. It will suit those who prefer a dryish, textured potato. Good for baking and steaming for mash and has a good taste.

We plant from March to April and start harvesting from mid-July to the start of October, depending on the potato variety (above).